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While Shadow Ventures is constantly reviewing and investing in startups, there are some outstanding young companies that fall outside of our strike zone or geography. Some startups are too early in their life cycle or in an area where we are not currently permitted to invest (Non-U.S.).

So we created a private investment network for angel investors with more flexibility than our fund will allow - BuiltTech Angels. These investors are accredited, seasoned professionals with an aggressive and ongoing interest in investing in startups in the BuiltTech niche.

All of our angels must be accredited investors and must actively invest or they will not be readmitted into the group the following year. The annual fee to be a member of BuiltTech Angels is $3,000.

As a reminder, our investments and startups are primarily in the following areas -

  • Architecture
  • Robotics
  • Blockchain
  • IoT
  • Real Estate
  • Finance
  • BIM
  • Cloud
  • Drone
  • Construction
  • Cybersecurity

While Shadow and its general partners will not be active investors in these companies, we will be able to provide some preliminary due diligence, guidance on competitors, and overall thoughts on the company. It is possible that Shadow may invest in these companies at a later stage, but that should never factor into an individual's decision to invest.

Our sponsoring service-providers will be able to assist with syndication documentation, legal diligence, and accounting guidance on individual deals. We also plan on integrating with AngelList and LinkedIn there will be no need to create a new profile for our platform.

Each investor shall be responsible for her own investment decisions and ShadowVentures shall bear no responsibility for the performance of these investments.

If you think you would qualify as a BuiltTech Angel, please apply below. Once you are accepted, we will send you our list of startups in the ecosystem and you may request our initial due diligence materials.

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